Friday, May 12, 2017

Making do..

I was in Madison and had a bit of time.

I thought I would try for some color and headed back to the tulips.
And white bleeding hearts.
I noticed branches on a nearby maple tree low enough for me to photograph. I liked the greens with the dark background.
Trying for patterns and shapes.
A little lighter background. Then back to tulips and flowers.
Some yellow just to change things up. Then I noticed purple and blue pansy or violet type things close by.
They may be called violas. I'm not sure.
I liked the vibrant colors a lot.
As the sun was getting low on the horizon, I found a dandelion in seed.

After just a couple minutes I lost the light. So I put the camera away and drove to a nearby lake hoping for some reflections.
I was surprised when I found some.
The color I hoped for, never came. So I did what I could with the ten minutes I had and then called it a day.

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