Sunday, May 14, 2017


It all came together and culminated in this image.

About five hours from where I live is a stretch of road with water on both sides that I had noticed several years ago.
I thought I may be able to make some decent images if I could ever be there at sunrise or sunset on a calm day with a few clouds.
The problem was, I very rarely traveled to that location and never specifically for photos. So several years passed and the opportunity never presented itself.
Until just the other day. The whole world conspired so I happened to be within a few miles of that place with a camera on Wednesday evening. There were clouds to the south and I was feeling optimistic.
I realized I didn't have a tripod once I got there. Hopefully it wouldn't be a deal breaker. I'd just shoot with a higher ISO and shallower depth of field.
The clouds were moving from east to the west, the water stayed calm, and I kept shooting.
I couldn't believe my luck. The fact I was standing there making these images made me smile. A common loon flew overhead and then landed nearby. Two trumpeter swan fed along the shore.
As the sun neared the horizon clouds crowded in.
I thought I may loose the light and the colors would disappear. Lucky for me I didn't and it all worked in my favor.
I kept a close eye on the camera settings and used good technique to ensure sharp images.
I worked on composition and color.
Then I just kept on shooting until the light faded and the colors were gone.
The fact that I was at that particular spot, on that particular day, at just the right time, was such an unlikely event it made me laugh. Being lucky can be a lot better than being good.

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