Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ashland Wisconsin..

I made it to Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay in Ashland Wisconsin half an hour before sunset.

The photo above is actually half an hour later just after the sun dropped below the horizon. Just wanted to lead with some color.
There were big driftwood logs washed up on the shore, so I sat down and set up the tripod.
It was nice to be early, with enough time to set up and enjoy my surroundings.
I used split neutral density filters to even out the light between the sky and reflections on the water.
The wind was blowing when I got there, then really died down, allowing for better reflections.
It was a warm and calm night. I felt lucky to be sitting on the shore watching the sunset unfold.
I had a comfortable seat and only had to pay attention to the clouds, sky, and reflections, find interesting compositions, focus and shoot.
The colors were all taken care of and it was just going to get better.
it's a pretty easy gig when it works like that.
Just keep an eye on composition, watch the focus (which got kinda tricky after looking through the lens right toward the sun earlier) and keep shooting.
These images are just a smattering of what I got.
This was one of the more colorful sunsets I've photographed in awhile. I'll post some more photos soon.

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