Thursday, June 4, 2015

When it's good...

When it's good, things just work; the wildlife cooperates, the light is great, and the photography is easy.

On Monday night things were good. This wild stallion allowed me to silhouette him against a beautiful sky in western North Dakota.
These two young horses were curious rather than worried as I lay on the ground trying to get an angle for silhouettes.
I had enough time to make several dramatic images.  

The sky was great with beautiful clouds scattered about.
Earlier it had been 86 degrees, there were lots of ticks, I was hot and tired, and hadn't slept in in almost two days, but I was really glad I didn't leave early.
By hanging in there I was able to make these silhouettes and spend a beautiful day with more than 30 horses as they slept, fought, ate, rolled in the dirt, slept some more, and drank from a creek. Before it was over I had spent more than 10 hours hanging with wild horses as they lived their lives on the plains and badlands of western North Dakota.
When it's good, it's really good, and this day was a gift.