Friday, September 28, 2012

It only lasted a moment

I was looking for elk with no luck when I noticed the clouds and sky.

I grabbed my camera an ran to the waters edge.

Just in time to capture this sunset.

The light only lasted for moment, but it was enough. 
As I looked around trying to find other interesting compositions I saw a mosaic of roots reflected in the water a ways off.
I rolled my pants legs to my knees and made my way along the shoreline. I kept my pants mostly dry, but my boots were soaked.

Here's one of the images I made of the trees upturned roots.
After a few more photos I headed towards shore and walked back through a tangle of pine branches and downed spruce.
I paused along the way and noticed this view out to the lake.
It was only 45 minutes from the time I stopped until I got back to the car, but what a beautiful night.
Before leaving the Clam Lake area I walked out among some tamarack trees and made this image of the night sky.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Elk & Frog & Toad

I found this bull elk just before sunset near Clam Lake Wisconsin.
A day later this bull was staying near a couple of cows in a shaded forest.
I was hoping to photograph a larger bull so I headed back to Clam Lake.
I didn't find any good bulls, but I did find.....
a beautiful mink frog

and a really nice American toad. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

A little sunshine

I found these sunflowers just before sunset & only had minutes to make a few images.



Before the light was gone.

These photos are from Fish Lake Wildlife Area near Grantsburg, Wisconsin.