Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a rabbit

So I'm out in western North Dakota looking for cool rock formations to photograph when the light gets better. I found this caprock formation and was looking around for good angles for photos.

Here's the same formation from the other side.

A little ways off I can see these rocks and I keep looking for critters as I scout the landscape.

Lucky enough, I find a rabbit sitting on one of the eroded hills.

Often in my experience rabbits take off running as soon as they are approached. Well, not this one. This desert cottontail rabbit proceeded to lay down and stretch out with me just ten feet away.

Since this rabbit seemed relaxed, I went back to my vehicle and got some longer camera lenses to take photos. By the time I got back the rabbit was sitting up but didn't seem at all concerned by my presence.

The bunny proceeded to clean its paws.

To clean its belly.

And clean its paws some more.

I stayed with the rabbit for at least half an hour and took all of the photos I wanted. When I had enough I gathered my gear and walked away. The rabbit was still right where I had found him.

It feels good to me when the animals that I photograph don't move away or stop doing what they were doing while I am there.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

In a flash

A bald eagle snatches a small fish from a northern Wisconsin lake.

The eagle was wearing metal bands on both legs from the Wisconsin DNR.

It grasped the fish tightly in one talon as it flew off.

The eagle didn't fly far before it landed on the lake shore and ate the fish. This bird was known to frequent the lake and would watch fisherman closely looking for any injured fish they released. It seemed pretty tolerant and allowed me to get close enough to take the last photo before flying off.