Sunday, May 7, 2017

Finally a fox...

I had been hoping for red fox photos for a while now, and today I got some.

I located this fox a few days ago but wasn't able to get any photos, so today I went back.
The fox was laying on the grass near a tree when I got there. I got a few quick shots before it got up and ran off.
I parked nearby, sat in the car with my windows open and waited. I planned to stay until the fox came back or the sun went down, whichever was first.
As I waited, two crows flew into the forest across the street and were calling non stop. I figured they could see the fox below them, though I couldn't. I was ready with my camera and looking in the crows direction.
It wasn't long before the fox came trotting out below the crows and right towards me. I made this image before the fox heard the shutter and jogged back to the forest edge.
It went about 30 yards before it stopped and layed down.

The sun was still out and I couldn't believe my luck.
The fox seemed tired, and closed its eyes to rest.
The crows landed near it and called some more. The fox opened its eyes but didn't seem bothered, so I started the car and moved a little closer.
The fox didn't mind and didn't get up, so I kept shooting.
I had a happy, tired red fox in good light. What a day.
I was thankful for the opportunity and the fox's cooperation, especially after it ran off in the beginning.
Ten minutes later shadows fell where the fox was lying and it was time for me to go. I headed to the Ashland marina for sunset.
I held out hope for dramatic skies and a colorful sunset when I got there.
I found a spot on some rocks near the shore of Lake Superior and waited for sunset. Other people were sitting against the breakwater and watching the sky. Two girls walked up, one set her phone on a very small tripod to film the sky and then sat down to wait.
Then the dramatic sunset never came. The sun went behind some clouds and below the horizon and the lights went out.
I put the camera in the bag and started walking towards the car. I stopped to pet someone's three year old black lab mix. The dog was friendly and seemed really happy with the attention. I was really happy with my night. A cooperative red fox and sunset on Lake Superior. Pretty good.

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