Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Waiting for sunrise...

to try again. It was less than twelve hours,  but when I got back to the Chequamegon Bay before sunrise the ice from the night before was gone.

There was still some ice along the shore, but mostly open water.
So I pointed the camera where the color of sunrise was and got to work.
The colors were beautiful as the sun neared the horizon.
The electric power plant along the lakeshore in Ashland Wisconsin was reflected in Lake Superior.
A mound of ice formed around a large rock along the shore.
There were just a few wispy clouds in the eastern sky.
After awhile I had done what I could from the shore, so I put on some boots and headed into the water.
With the different vantage point I was able to work some reflections and follow the light.
Soon enough the sun crested the horizon.
The water was calm and made for nice reflections.

As the sun got higher, the colors became much less vibrant and I opted for plan C.
There were a couple of eight foot piles of ice which had built up on a breakwater near the shore, and plan C meant climbing on the ice to see what I could do.
By this time the sun was mostly obscured by clouds and the light was in and out.
The ice must have been about twelve inches thick when it was blown up on the rocks.
As I climbed on the piles they weren't as substantial as I expected, and sometimes came apart into individual twelve inch shards.
After making a few more images, I slid down to the water and walked back to the shore.  Glad that I had one last opportunity to play on the ice.


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