Friday, April 14, 2017

More Lake Superior ice....

These images were taken on the same day as an earlier post.

All the photos are of ice in a twelve foot high 'push pile' on Chequamegon Bay, Lake Superior. A push pile is a mound of ice made when the wind blows sheets of ice onto the shore or into shallow water.
I climbed up onto the ice and also worked from the water around it until after sunset.
Two tundra swans flew by low and close enough for me to make this image with the short lens I was using for the ice and landscapes.
I played around with focus, framing, and the contrail from a jet passing overhead.
I liked the colors, light, and lines created by shooting the ice with the sun behind it.
These were the only clouds in the sky, so I did what I could with their reflection on the water.
After a few images I went back to the ice.
Even after the sun dropped below the horizon the colors looked great.
I couldn't believe those same three little clouds stayed around to catch the light and color after sunset.
Another good afternoon in Ashland, Wisconsin.

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