Thursday, April 6, 2017

OK. This really is the last time...

I had no idea I'd be able to stay for one last Lake Superior sunset, but I'm really glad I did.

I found a much higher and bigger pile of wind blown ice further west in the Chequamegon Bay. I took a pair of chest waders and got there an hour early. I started by shooting the blocks of ice and made some broad landscapes later on.

I'm just gonna post a few pictures now and I'll do more later.

These are backlit blocks of ice. I worked to put the jet and contrail in a good spot.

Here's the pile of ice just after sunset. It was about ten feet high.

The sun had already gone below the horizon when I made this image of a few wispy clouds above the ice.

Two tundra swans flew over about thirty yards above me. They're the first I've seen this year and may have been a good omen, as it was a great night for photos.

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