Sunday, November 6, 2016

Looking for color...

led me to a local cemetery and golf course.

I only had about 45 minutes before sunset so I headed towards a colorful maple tree and got to work.

Isolate specific good looking leaves, watch out for the background and depth of field, and always be conscious of the light.
Sometimes just shoot it while it's there and find out it's not quite right later. I think looking up these trunks gets a little busy.
Keep looking for the color and pay attention to the light and once it's gone, keep moving.

Shadows fell over the maple tree, but the sun was still hitting some oaks on a nearby golf course.

I really liked the colors on this specific group of changing oak leaves.
As the sun dropped towards the horizon I had to keep moving to leaves higher on the tree and still in the light.
Find some good looking leaves, wait for the wind to die down, focus and shoot.
My shutter speeds were getting slow and I was hand holding this stuff so I turned up the ISO and kept working.
I was switching between three different lenses and just did the best I could.
The light was fading fast.
So I worked near the trunk and shot almost straight up at the leaves catching the last light up near the top. And then it was all over.

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