Friday, November 4, 2016

Color and a katydid...

I hadn't been seeing much color this fall when I had a camera and the time to capture it.

So I took advantage of a half hour and one lonely maple in the Madison arboretum.
I isolated good looking leaves using the available light and shadow and got to work.
I wasn't having an easy time of it but I kept on working with what was there.
As I moved around the tree looking for better angles and interesting images I heard something in the fallen leaves below.
I looked down and found this katydid on its side making noises. So I picked it up and moved it to a lit leaf on the tree and made a couple of quick images.
Earlier, I had heard a loud insect making noises in a different tree and didn't know what it was. Finding this katydid solved that mystery.
The light was fading fast as the sun headed toward the horizon.
Don't hurry, no worries, just keep doing what you can, I reminded myself.
This is supposed to be fun, it's beautiful out here, enjoy it.
I finished with a few leaves against the color of a maple tree whose crown was still catching the sunlight 40 feet up. And then the light was gone.

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