Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spa day....

On a cold and wet afternoon in Yellowstone Park, just days before the government shutdown, a sow grizzly walks in a golden meadow.


She crosses Obsidian Creek and heads over to a gravel bar where steam was rising from a geothermal area. 
And started rubbing her neck, shoulders, and belly on the ground.
Although there were dozens of people watching and photographing her from the park road, she seemed perfectly relaxed. 

Only taking a brief break to check her surroundings.
Before the back rub began.
After a couple of minutes rolling on the gravel in the steam she stretched out and layed there. 

Resting her head on the ground she started to doze off.  I watched for a little while longer and then left while she was still resting. What a great way to spend a wet afternoon in Yellowstone.


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