Monday, April 6, 2015

Hold your horses......

The morning started off with wild horses silhouetted

on the plains of western North Dakota in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
After the sun got a little higher in the sky I located a band of horses with a mare and new foal.
The foal stayed close to it's mother.
As mom ate the young horse stayed at her side.
After awhile it went to lay down.
Some of the other horses ran up a small hill.
A curious young horse came to check me out as I photographed the group.
Eventually the herd stallion walked off and I followed him.
He approached another stallion with a group of mares less than a quarter of a mile away. Walked up, sniffed him, and nearly kicked him.
The other horse didn't seem too pleased or too agitated and kicked back in his direction.
After some whinnying and posturing each horse returned to their mares. They must have been pretty evenly matched as neither wanted to fight.

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