Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July...

I was in Ashland Wisconsin on the fourth and here are some of the images I captured.
I only had a 100-400mm lens with me which limited the compositions I could make.
Ashland is located on the south shore of Lake Superior and they shoot the fireworks over the lake.
Normally that would lend itself to lots of pictures with color reflected in the water, but with the big lens I really didn't get that this year.
All I could really do is isolate shells as they burst in the sky and hope for the best.
I set the camera on bulb and shot at f/10 for about 2 seconds each exposure.
I hadn't planned to photograph the fireworks this year, so I just grabbed the camera and headed toward the lake shore.
I found a spot amid some trees and weeds, set up the tripod and did the best I could.
It started to rain pretty good and the bugs were bad so I quit shooting before they got to the finale.

I hope your fourth turned out as well as mine.


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