Saturday, June 28, 2014


My dad and I spent the afternoon by Lake Namekagon and I finally got some nice water lily photos. 
This yellow water lily (Nuphar advena) looks ideal in the pleasing afternoon light. 
By laying on the ground at the edge of the pond with a 700mm lens and the camera resting on a beanbag I could isolate the flower and get the reflections I liked. 
The mosquitoes were bad. It was 83 degrees, and I was hot wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt to keep the bugs off, but this set up worked a lot better than my last attempt at water lilies. 
About a week ago I tried to use a shorter lens and went into the water after some white water lilies in Madison. 
It didn't work out to well. I didn't get any pictures and I got wet, but I did keep the camera dry as I learned that the lake was deeper than I thought. 
When we first saw these flowers I was hesitant to get out and shoot them because of the bugs and the heat.
I'm glad I eventually took the leap, tried using a long lens, and embraced the bugs. If not, I wouldn't have learned how to shoot water lilies.


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