Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sometimes the prey is tough...

May is the time for newborn bison calves in Yellowstone.

Female bison group together to protect and raise their young and grizzly bears are out looking for almost anything to eat.
On this day in the Lamar Valley a large grizzly was eating grass while a group of bison cows and calves moved past. The grizzly made sure to look like salad was all that was on it's mind as the bison calves went by.
Though the bear hadn't made a move towards them, the bison cows hurried their calves past the big bruin.
Running at least two hundred yards. Once the cows and calves were out of the picture...
some cows without calves went to take care of the potential problem.
At first the bear acted nonchalant as the cows approached.
Until it finally turned and ran towards the Lamar River. 
When the bear was out of sight the cows stopped their pursuit and returned to the herd.
Later in the afternoon the grizzly bear was back in the area eating grass and keeping an eye on some other bison calves.

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