Friday, November 1, 2013

Some more fall color. . . .

I was pretty pleased with the results I got shooting leaves and trees this fall so here are a few more photos.

Maple leaves just starting to change colors.
An oak leaf with striking edges and colors.

More oak leaves in super light. 

A tamarack tree catching some light just before sunset.

Oak leaves in a northern Wisconsin forest.
A sugar maple leaf hanging in there, Madison Wisconsin.
Another oak leaf in the process of change.
Maples and a blue sky on a Madison afternoon.
Tamaracks and spruce trees reflected in a small northern Wisconsin lake.
Last light on a maple leaf in Madison.

More vibrant red oak leaves. 
Yellow maple leaves and a blue afternoon sky.
Maple leaves going from yellow to orange. 

I hope it's not over yet. I'll be out for more as soon as I get a little sunlight. It's been rainy and overcast for quite awhile here.

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