Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some of the beauty of Yellowstone Park

Geothermal features such as this hot spring on the bank of the Gibbon River are called chocolate pots.

White Dome Geyser erupts pretty frequently allowing for lots of chances to get photos like this one.

Roaring Mountain no longer makes the loud noises for which it was named, but it's still a cool feature in Yellowstone Park.

If you hike up Electric Peak in the northern part of the park this is the view you will get looking east.  The little lake is Cache Lake, Sepulcher Mountain is behind it, and Bunsen Peak is in the distance.

This is Canary Spring at Mammoth Hot Springs.  This photo was taken several years ago and the spring looks different now due to changing water flows, temperatures, and other variables.  One of the very cool things about Yellowstone is that it is always changing, it's never the same.

Fall is a beautiful time to see the park.  Here huge columns of steam rise from Excelsior Geyser and Grand Prismatic Spring with the Firehole River in the foreground.

Winter in Yellowstone can be very cold and very beautiful too.  Clouds drift above snow covered hills in the Lamar Valley.