Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall adventure

I found these snow covered tamarack trees while I was out looking for elk in October.  All of these photos are of cool things I saw near Clam Lake Wisconsin this fall.  

Good news, I found several elk including these two cows and a calf. Both cows are wearing radio collars as part of the DNR's effort to keep track of the Clam lake elk herd.

A beautiful afternoon at Day Lake.

These leaves have fallen into the water close to shore.

The wind and rain knocked the leaves off the trees pretty quickly this year.  Here's a little fall color before it disappeared.

I was pleased to get a few photos before this ruffed grouse flew off.

Fall in Wisconsin it is all about the great colors, isn't it.

Another view of the tamarack trees and bog.  I really like the snow on this scene and it was only there a short while. The sun melted it all within an hour.

This hungry bull elk is soaking wet from the snow melting off of the trees in the forest.

Big clouds over Day Lake.

Fallen leaves on a large boulder in the woods.

This bull is standing in a logging clear cut and staying close to an adult cow elk not pictured.

A gorgeous red pine tree in the last afternoon light.  

In my experience the time I spend outside in nature is time well spent.  Even when I don't find what I'm looking for there are always other beautiful and interesting things.

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