Monday, October 19, 2009

Copper Falls State Park

On a beautiful October morning I drove into Copper Falls State Park near Mellen Wisconsin. I was lucky to be there on a sunny day with plenty of fall color.

I found this white-tailed deer doe standing in the woods along the park road. I parked near a picnic area and playground at the end of the road and walked along a trail covered with pine needles.

The trail offers this view of the Tyler Forks River joining the Bad River.

The woods looked and smelled great as spots of sun reached the forest floor.

The park trail leads from one beautiful view to the next. Here is a photo of the Tyler Forks River Cascades.

These rocks and pine roots are up above the Tyler Forks River.

This is the view from the brink of Brownstone Falls. Just downstream the Tyler Forks River enters into and becomes part of the Bad River.

Some large white pine trees line the trail while a fence keeps people from venturing down towards the river gorge.

I love the look of the light on the bark of this white pine tree. Copper Falls State Park has a nice mix of coniferous and deciduous trees. There are lots of larger red and white pine trees along with some cedars, maples, and oaks.

Here's a view of Brownstone Falls from the other side. I lucked out and had a lot of water going over the waterfalls while I was there. Usually water levels are low in the fall and waterfalls are just a shadow of their springtime selves. It had rained almost the whole day before I arrived so I had lots of water.

Above is a photo of the parks namesake, Copper Falls. The Bad River looks kind of like foamy root beer as it flows over Copper Falls.

If you get the chance to visit Copper Falls State Park, the waterfalls are pretty, the forest is beautiful, and there is a lot to see.

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