Friday, October 2, 2009


A hungry coyote licks its lips as it trots through a black-tailed prairie dog town in western North Dakota.

Prairie dogs stand near their burrow entrances and bark alarm calls so every prairie dog knows danger is near.

The coyote can see and smell dinner everywhere, but the element of surprise is gone. It continues at a moderate pace acting disinterested in all of the towns residents. The coyote did a wonderful job of acting as if it was just passing through and nothing to worry about.

One prairie dog stayed above ground at a burrow entrance as the coyote neared to within three feet. In a flash the coyote faked a step away from the prairie dog and then quickly dove back towards it, grabbing the prairie dog by the head and neck.

The coyote carried the prairie dog away from nearby burrow entrances before stopping to eat.

The coyote began to eat.

In just a few minutes the coyote was done and walked off. I was really impressed with the hunting tactics used by the coyote to catch the prairie dog. Up until the coyote faked the move one way and snatched the prairie dog, everything about its body language and demeanor said just passing through, nothing to worry about. Good work to get dinner.

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