Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Badlands of South Dakota......

I got out to Badlands National Park about an hour before sunrise and just in time to silhouette some rock formations near the crescent moon.

I worked to find interesting shapes for the foreground looking east.

It wasn't the most beautiful sunrise ever, but the air was clean, the meadowlarks were singing, and I was back out in western South Dakota.

Life was good as I worked to find interesting images.

The sun was in and out of clouds to the east so light was catch as catch can.

In the few minutes that it lit the rock wall to the west I made some of my favorite images.

The rock seemed to catch fire as the morning sun hit it and a nearby butte allowed for cool sky, wall, and shadow shots.

No matter how many times I shoot this scene it's never exactly the same and I'm always glad to get it.

The light didn't last long, but it sure felt good to be back in the badlands of South Dakota.

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