Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My kingdom for a tree frog

Several years ago I found a gray tree frog at my parents house in northern Wisconsin. I tried but wasn't able to make any decent images of that frog.

Since then I kept hoping to get another chance. Last week I finally got my chance. I found another gray tree frog and photographed the heck out of it.

I really love the color and expressiveness of this little frog.


Though it's called a gray tree frog this one was a beautiful shade of green.

One of the greatest features about tree frogs are their feet. They seem to stick to almost anything with their specialized toes and feet.


After I made these images I took the frog back to the spot where I had found him.

Here the frog seems to effortlessly cling to the side of a maple tree.  

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful frog. Great photos!