Monday, November 29, 2010

Fall Tundra Swans

Two tundra swans set their wings to land

Every fall tundra swans stop over on the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior during their fall migration.

 One swan bites another after landing nearby.

More than one hundred swans were on the bay during 
Thanksgiving this year. The birds stop to rest and feed
on aquatic plants in the shallow water along the shoreline.

A swan runs on the water until it gains enough speed to take flight.

 I really enjoyed watching and photographing the swans with one of my sons. The birds are beautiful and were fun to listen to as they they fed and interacted with each other.

A swan flaps its wings as others rest on the ice nearby.
The swans stay only until the ice forms far enough out from the shore that they can no longer reach the plants they feed on.

A swan landing near another tundra swan.

Swans set their wings just before landing on the lake.

Once the ice gets too far out in the lake the swans take flight and continue their migration south. Consider yourself lucky if you happen to be near the Chequamegon Bay when the tundra swans show up in the fall, and have a great time watching these beautiful birds.

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