Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Little Help From My Friend

So the light wasn't very good, but I really wanted to make some photos. That left me with flowers, or......frogs. I asked my kids if they wanted to help me catch a frog or two and maybe we could get some good frog pictures.

The boys were eager to help so we headed off to a nearby pond hoping to find big beautiful frogs. We did. Like this adult male green frog with a very yellow chin and neck.

We caught a couple of very good looking green frogs and briefly transported them for easier working conditions. 

The frogs were both males and had a lot of yellow on their throats and chins.

My son Josh played frog wrangler while I photographed the frogs. He helped the frog to stay on a rock; wet, and happy, while I took photos.

With my son and the frogs showing great patience I was able to get some pretty cool images.

After a little while we took the frogs back to their pond and let them go.

It had been awhile since I photographed any frogs and it was lots of fun. 

As an added bonus we found some polliwogs. This polliwog is a green frog in the middle of its transformation from a tadpole to an adult. So cool to find frogs with tails.

Here's a look behind the curtain at how these images were made. It seems my son has had enough, so it's time to finish up.

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